First preview of Marble Lounge game

Last update on May 5, 2017.

First preview of Marble Lounge game


I've been working on a litte casual game, based on the classic bust-a-move, which I've always enjoyed playing. I started developing a looong time ago for my Sony Ericsson K800. This was the first phone I had, that was actually useful for playing games. Back the I developed in JavaME, and the game got to a playable version, with some simple graphics and sound.

First version of the graphics
This is the original look

The project ended in my pile of other projects for a couple of years, but one day I decided to stop starting new projects, and start finishing all the half-baked ones. This time my phone had been upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy SII, running Android. So I started researching what options were available for game development on Android. I ended up chosing Lib-gdx, which is a cross platform game development framework. This was perfect, as the option of developing for iOS and desktop were open.

I decided I needed a theme. I ended up with a Tiki-theme, since that was trendy at the time here, and I liked the vibe around it. I first did all the graphics myself, but thougt I could use some help. I put a task on Time Republik for a designer to shine up the whole thing. A polish designer, Martha Olczak made everything look really nice :)

My own version of the Tiki-theme
This is my own graphics for the tiki-theme


On this blog, I will be posting updates on the development of the game. For now, please enjoy the video below :)


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